We Envision a World

We envision a world where everyone has access to quality, compassionate holistic health + care.


Where there is increased recognition that our personal health has a greater purpose, which serves everyone we come in contact with. 


Where individuals act from the foundation that taking care of one's health is for the purpose of helping others which, in turn, increases our own health.


Our Goals


Our goals are to improve accessibility to healthcare, increase dialogue and reduce wasted healthcare spending by:

Serving neighborhoods in Kentucky with the largest prevalence of preventable disease and offer alternatives to opioids.


Enabling individuals to prevent and manage pain by providing screening, manual therapy, physical therapy, and onward referral. 


Training and educating compassionate and culturally competent health professionals. 


Seeking transformation of prejudice, bias, and arrogance in ourselves and supporting reflection and action on creating a truly healthy healthcare system.


Our History

Tip it Forward began in 2014 in a private practice, sparked by the power in the simple act of giving more than is expected. Client tips were “tipped forward“ to provide holistic health services at a reduced, financially accessible rate. From this beginning came the larger vision for tipping the balance of access to health + care forward.