The Plus Bus

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The Plus Bus creates a hub for wellness by connecting with people where they live, work, play and pray.

It is designed to create on location clinics that provides fascial release and massage therapy, mindfulness based instruction, and physical therapy for anxiety reduction and pain relief.

Prevention is a Priority.

Mobile Clinics have proven to be effective in reaching vulnerable populations, increasing access as well as promoting better health outcomes.


Watch as the Plus Bus gets constructed - in 6 seconds!


Every $1 invested in a Mobile Health Unit saves the Health Care System $12.

Tip It Forward is driven by the belief that compassion is at

the very center of our true nature as human beings and

should therefore be at the center of our healthcare system.

As health care providers, we pledge to bring openness, humility, and trust

to people we serve. We are a group that shares knowledge to promote the

healing capacity of everyone involved.

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