To fully put wellness in reach, we currently offer workshops and wellness clinics. We come onsite to your facility! These are the types of clinics we offer:


Mindfulness Meditation and Therapeutic Massage


Foot Care and Postural Self Assessment


Loving Kindness Meditation and Therapeutic Massage


Scientific research demonstrates that meditation increases happiness, well being, improves concentration, and helps with depression and anxiety. Massage therapy can also help diminish anxiety, depression, and pain.


Here are some past examples of clinic sites:

Mother Infant Care - Catholic Charities
Migration and Refugee Program
Relatives Raising Grandchildren Support Group


the plus Bus 

plus bus.jpg

Our mobile unit is now complete! We help clients achieve better health by providing a variety of preventive services that encourage healthy living. Manual therapy and orthopedic assessment as well as programming about movement and pain relief will be offered as an alternative to opioids. 

To request The Plus Bus to host a clinic at your organization or within your community:

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I've never encountered anyone who has ever done anything like Tip it Forward. If it wasn't for this program, I couldn't have received the wonderful care that I have received. It's that simple. I am very grateful for it.

Aynil Liayn